14 Inverness Drive East
Suite G-136
Englewood, CO 80012

At M&B we value our relationships with all of our trade partners. We understand that it is our partners that make it possible to build succesful projects and make clients happy. It is our responibilty to develop and maintain a longlasting trusting relationship with all of them.

We work with an “A” list of Subcontractors that bring expertise, innovation and reliability to all projects. In the past, the ownership has cultivated long standing relationships with suppliers, vendors and contractors who work in partnership to bring projects to successful completion.

As we move into new projects we look to put together a complete “team” of subcontractors, architects, and engineering professionals that will work with us to bring nothing short of excellence to our clients. 

Would you like your business/company to be a preferred contractor?

If you are interested in joining our list of qualified vendors and professionals, please contact us at jvasta@mbcsinc.net for a Subcontractor Qualification Form.

Already qualified?  We are excited to invite you to become part of that team, and look forward to seeing your input and pricing on our new projects. 

Although the number of contractors will be limited to a preferred list, all projects are reviewed to insure that we offer the best value to our clients. Value engineering ideas and suggestions are welcomed before, during and after the pricing process. Please don’t hesitate to present us with any ideas that can bring additional value to our clients. Value engineering and coordination meetings will be held prior to construction and your participation in those activities are highly encouraged when invited.